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League Structure

Homos Fags
Jim's unshaven no fly zone
Heff's handuffed man-whore!
The Cleveland Steamer
Jerbo's Strapon Nightmare
Bangin' Pandora's Box
Jerbo's Jealous Juicehole
Beer Girls

The regular season will consist of 13 weeks.

Teams will be paired with other teams each week in head-to-head matchups according to the league schedule.


There will be 3 weeks for playoffs. There will be 6 teams in the championship playoffs. Playoffs will begin in Week 14. The league playoff championship game will be played in Week 16. Division winners will be seeded above all wildcards for the first round only. The regular season record will be the basis for seeding in following rounds.

Rankings and tie-breakers for playoff positions are as follows:

  1. Winning Pct
  2. Total Points Scored
  3. Head-to-head Wins
  4. Division Record
  5. Head-to-head Points Scored
  6. Points Scored in Division Games
  7. Coin Toss
  8. Division Record (for div winner only)
  9. Reserves Tot Points
  10. Auto-Loss
  11. Week 13 Points

Week 14
Bye : Div Winner #1
Bye : Div Winner #2
Game #1 : Wildcard #1
Game #1 : Wildcard #4
Game #2 : Wildcard #2
Game #2 : Wildcard #3

Week 15
  Game #1 : Seed #1 vs Seed #4
  Game #2 : Seed #2 vs Seed #3

Week 16
Championship Game
Consolation Game (3rd-4th)

Playoff games may not end in a tie.

Tie-breakers for playoff games are as follows:

  1. Total scoring value of reserves
  2. Total combined yardage of starting position players (rush,rec,pass)
  3. Points allowed by starting defensive team


Rosters will consist of 17 players and defensive/special teams. Rosters are restricted regarding the number of players by position according to the following table.
Position Minimum Maximum
Defense 1 3
Place Kicker 1 3
Quarterback 1 5
Running Back 1 5
Tight End 1 5
Wide Receiver 2 8

The league has an PUP (temporary injured list) list for 1 players. Players must remain on PUP at least 1 week. Players may not stay on PUP more than 17 weeks. Players placed on PUP may be released while on IR/PUP list. Players placed on PUP may be traded while on IR/PUP list.

Defensive team and special teams will be considered together as a single position.

Starting Lineups

Starting lineups will consist of 9 players at the following positions:
PositionMinimum Maximum 
Defense/Special Teams11 
Place Kicker11 
Running Back12 
Tight End12 
Wide Receiver24 

4 reserve players will also be included in the playoff lineup. The 4 reserves can be used at any of the following positions for tiebreakers:
PositionMinimum Maximum
Defense/Special Teams01
Special Teams01
Place Kicker01
Running Back01
Tight End01
Wide Receiver01
Receiver (WR-TE)01

Lineup changes for each player must be submitted prior to the start of the player's (team's) game.

The current time on the server can be seen from the link on the league page. This is the official time used for lineup submittals.

Keeper League Designation

This league has been designated as a limited keeper league. Teams are allowed to keep up to 3 players. All teams must designate keepers prior to Sep 7, 2012 1 PM ET. Any player who is on the season ending roster who was not a free agent last year and has years remaining on his contract will be eligible to be a keeper for the next season. Players retained as keepers cannot be released during the season unless placed on NFL IR, in which case, the commissioner can release the player upon request.

Player Contracts

Players are drafted to a 2 year contract. This contract will remain with any player who has been traded.

Player contracts cannot be extended and all players must be returned to the pool of players for the draft after their contract has expired.

Each returning team must declare its full complement of keepers prior to the draft.

In-season Free Agents (weekly waiver wire)

Team owners will be able to pick up free agents online each week during the season.

Free agents may not be picked up by another team in the same week in which they are released.

There is no additional charge to owners for selecting free agents in this league. Each team will be allowed to select 2 free agents each week.

This league will have a scheduled period of free agency selections every week. During these scheduled free agent selection periods, each team will have a set time when it can select free agents. The scheduled free agency period will begin in Week 2. The session will be on Wednesday starting at 7 PM ET. There will 2.4 rotations in this session. Teams will select in reverse order of standings. Each team will have a 10 minute window to make a selection before the next team can make a selection. A team is not required to select during this time slot but can make a selection any time after the scheduled time until the scheduled free agency session closes. There will be 2.4 rotations during the week, and each team can make 1 selection per rotation. A team can submit a free agent selection to a list prior its scheduled time, and the selection will be processed if that selection is still available when the team is scheduled to select. Players selected in scheduled session (off waivers) will be retain their prior contract where applicable. Otherwise, they will be assigned a minimum free agent contract..

During the season open free agent selections (first-come first-served) are available after Wednesday 10 PM ET. Open selections will be available starting in Week 2.

Free agents signed in scheduled or open free agent selection processes will be assigned an unlimited contract.

A player may not be released from a team's roster if he has starting status. He must be removed from the lineup first.


Teams may submit trades online. Trades will not be processed until all teams involved have confirmed the trade. The trade will not be finalized until it is approved by the league commissioner.

No trade can be completed which results in one team having more players than the maximum roster size. All players will have to be removed from the starting lineup before they can be submitted for a trade.

Trades can be made at any time. No trades may be completed after Week 10.

Players on any team's roster can be traded prior to keeper designations.

Other Rules

A team may only start 2 running backs if both backs are on the same NFL team.